Thursday, September 25, 2008

<3 Walk and Big Girl Tubby!

Last Saturday Steve, Audrey and I went downtown to take part in a Heart Walk. Steve misunderstood and thought TIAA-CREF was sponsoring everyone walking which they weren't :) Even though we didn't raise any money, we walked for our own hearts! Audrey sat in her stroller the whole time and barely made a peep. She was so interested in all the commotion happening around her. We walked through a beautiful part of the city; cute little neighborhoods, historic little houses, it felt like we were in a different town! We plan on revisiting the area soon to go on a walk of our own.

And then to completely switch gears, Audrey had her very 1st BIG GIRL BATH on Monday! We have a big window beside the bath so she was in awe of that to begin with. Then she figured out she had all the room she wanted to kick and wiggle, which she thoroughly enjoyed! So, we'll be packing away the baby tub! How quickly she's turning into a little lady!

Before the walk
And we're off!
She took a tiny little cat nap

Impressive turn out
We made it!
First reaction: Oooh! I like that window!
Mmmm, this is fun!
I am perplexed, do you like my curl?

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kendra said...

Like you even have to ask. YES I WAS!
And i SCREAMED at the gas station scene. I jumped off the couch and knelt next to the TV so i could try to see their faces. Amazing.