Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sick Day

I've been feeling pretty icky the last day or two so I decided to stay home today. Seems as though everyone is coughing and sneezing, I figured it would catch up to me soon. I fought the temptation to clean the house, it was hard! I just tried to rest the best I could. I also had a doctor' s appointment this morning. Everything is going well! Since there are 8 doctors in the practice, they are having me see all of them at least once. I got a good one today. My appointments have been every two weeks for the last month and I think will continue that way for the next few visits and then only down to once a week! The day is quickly approaching now! My ticker says 73 days, which still seems like a lot but I know it will go fast! I'll be 30 weeks this Saturday!

While I was at home resting, my dear husband suprised me by coming home for lunch and bringing me flowers! I'm not much for the traditional, I love roses but I'd rather have something different. He got me daisies and orchids, very sweet! And he made me lunch! I finished the afternoon by taking a fabulous, much needed nap and now I'm making Steve his favorite dinner, Teriyaki chicken and rice. We plan on watching a movie tonight and relaxing. A nice, calm Valentine's Day. Just the way I like it. Hope you all have a good one too! Baby room pictures coming soon!

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