Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This weekend we went to Virginia to the ski resort Massanutten with Steve's dad and stepmom, who have a time share there. We just got back this afternoon (Wed) . We had such a great, relaxing time! It was our last getaway before baby Nilsen makes her appearance! We had the luxury of watching cable TV, I watched as much HGTV as I could handle! :) We played lots of games and cards and found a new favorite game, Cranium. If you haven't played it, you MUST! It's a ball! Steve's parents also blessed us by taking us out to dinner a couple times and Steve's stepmom took me shopping for fabric for a couple dresses she's going to make for little girl! I need to take a few craft lessons from her, she does a great job! All in all, we had an amazing time! So glad we got to spend so much time together away from everyday life!
On another note, when we got back this afternoon, I had a dermatology appointment and got 5 moles removed. I actually had to get stitches for the one on my leg, which is the one that the Dr. was the most concerned about. The nurse said when I come back next Friday to get the stitches removed, they will have the test results to see if I have Melanoma (skin cancer). She said if I do, it will require to take more action, to do surgery around the area, to take about the size of a golf ball in width, to get all the bad cells out. But thankfully, I am at peace about the process. It didn't hurt at all! The drugs they used were approved by my OB and I'm praying for a quick recovery! My prayer request would be that I continue to stay calm and at peace about the outcome of the biopsy, whatever the results may be. God has been more than kind to me, especially during my pregnancy. What a joy it's been with hardly any discomforts! Only 8 1/2 more weeks to go!

Our last trip away before the baby!
Baby Belly! 31 Weeks
This is us in our condo that we stayed in. Cozy!
Getting ready to go skiing! Don't worry, I didn't go :) Just Steve and his dad
This was taken in the water park. Hard to see, but baby girl is sure getting big!
We played Cranium with Steve's parents. It's the best game! I took a picture of Steve with our mover, he looked just like him!
We went to the arcade for a bit one day. Steve was like a little boy in a candy store!
Steve is getting ready to play Dance, Dance Revolution! We played together after I saw him try it out first. It was so fun! Gave the baby a little dance too I'm sure!

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Hannah said...

What a cute pregnant woman you are! It's hard to believe only 8 weeks left! I will be praying for you and the area on your leg. Thanks for your example in trusting God!